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Chad’s Chocolate Cake

This cake is decadent, moist and rich. We love serving this cake with our Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting and Chocolate Ganache.

You can substitute the coconut oil for vegetable oil, but I prefer using unrefined coconut oil for the slightly sweet flavor it adds. Sifting your ingredients helps avoid any issues with clumps, which will show up in this dark cake once is it baked. I have a fiasco with clumps of baking powder once that made me a sifting believer, don't let it happen to you!

I use this large fine mesh sifter. It fits perfectly over my mixing bowl and I simply dump all the dry ingredients into it first and then sift them all at once. It makes taking this extra step much faster.

The second extra step I take with this recipe is making sure that I prepare my cake pans properly. I have skipped this in the past and regretted it immediately after attempting to get my cakes out in one piece. Simply greasing the pan is not enough for a lighter cake.

Instead of buying pan liners for every size of pan I own, I prefer to make my own by tracing the bottom of the cake pan onto parchment paper. Then I cut the circle out.

If I need more then one liner, I simply stack multiple sheets of parchment on top of each other before cutting out my traced pattern.

Once I've created my liner, I grease my pan with spray oil. Then I place the liner in the pan. Next, I spray the oil a second time on the liner and around the sides of the pan.

I then add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to sift around the bottom and up the sides of the pan. If you are preparing your pans for a lighter or white colored batter, use flour in place of the cocoa powder.

Now your pans are ready for batter! Taking the time to properly prepare your pan will save you the heartache of having a cake stick to the pan after all your hard work of putting it together.

Mix up a batch of Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting or Chocolate Ganache and your chocolate cake will be complete!

Chad's Chocolate Cake


3 c. flour

3 c. sugar

1 1/2 c. cocoa powder

1 T baking soda

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp salt

4 eggs

2 c. milk or cream

2 T. vinegar

1 c. water (room temp)

1/2 c melted coconut oil

2 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Sift all dry ingredients together in large mixing bowl. I use a fine mesh strainer.

  2. In separate bowl, whisk together wet ingredients.

  3. Slowly add wet ingredients to dry and mix well, taking time to scrap down the edges and bottom of bowl with rubber spatula.

  4. Line bottom of pan with parchment, then grease and 'flour' with cocoa powder. This step prevents sticking and should not be skipped.

  5. Divide batter evenly between pans. I like using three 9" pans.

  6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Use toothpick to ensure the center is cooked. If baking cupcakes, text the center cupcake.

  7. Cool on wire rack.

  8. Once cake is completely cooled, frost with your favorite frosting and enjoy!

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